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Rule 1:Always have plenty of villagers. 20 is not enough. I learnd this about 6 months after I started. It helped a lot.

The Britians

If you are brittish, castles are the way to go. Surround it with stone walls and a gate, then get a load of longbow men. Knights are another thing to get. Use them to take out your main threat while using this strategy. Any long range seige weapons can severly impare your ability to fight. Rams aren't a problem, but if you have 10 mangorels ramming death down your throat, you need to take them out. Use about half of your knights/cavaliers to attack in a head long charge. Bring all the longbow men you can to hit the yroops that your opponent should have protecting his seige weapons. While the bulk of your opponents army is engaged with yours, hit him in the back with the other half of your knights. After the trebuchets/seige weapons are destroyed, retreat back behind your walls and lock the gates. In otherwords, only leave in a case of an emergancy, because anyother units will get slaughtered against the walls.

For offense, Group about 10 knights/cavaliers, 15 longbow men, a couple villagers, and however many trebuchets you can get together. Find where your trebuchets can hit the enemy without eturn fire. Build a quick stokade wall and but your longbow men behind it. Quickly get your trebuchets behind them and deployed. Have you villagers build the stockade wall the rest of the way around your longbow men and trebuchets. This prevents opponent from attcking your trebuchets, as they have to destroy the stockade first. Since you have longbow men behind it shooting at them, no part of the wall should be damaged to the point of callapse. If it looks like they will break through, use your knights to disrupt them.

The Persians

The Persians are actually pretty decent. I just played a game as 'em and I can sort of find their strengths/weaknesses. They can get paladins, which is a big plus. They can also get elite skirmishers and cannon troops. To really use their advanteges to their top what'cha makalat, you can get a load of monks, elephants, cannon people, skirmishers, paladins, and elephants. Sort of run over whatever gets in your way. Let your monks heal your people. If you hit archers, let your skirmishers take 'em on. Let your hand-cannoners take on horse men, let your paladins take on ground troops, and let your elephants kill whatever they get near. Ya havta watch out for spear/pike men. They can kill your people with few casualties. Oh, yeah. I forgot. They can't get the top upgrade for militia, so long-swordsmen won't make the cut.


Vikings rule the sea. Their main lacking is the fire ship. Of course, thier long-boats rock zoors, but they don't come untill the castle age. Before

The Mayans (conquerors)

The Mayans, since they are not from Europe and Asia, do not get horse units. Instead, starting in the Castle age they are able to attain eagle-warriors. They also start out with an eagle warrior. Eagle warriors have a slight bonus against horses. They start out with an eagle-scout warrior as well. In the imperial age, Mayans are able to upgrade eagle-warriors to 100hp from 50hp, making up for the lack of champions.
For the defense, Mayans have towers and walls, as long as several types of archers (archers in archery range being 25% off) to hold of a charge. In the event of a long-term siege, build up armies of eagle-warriors. If you haven't reached castle yet, get spearmen and long swordsmen. If you have reached imperial age, you should get the upgrade for elite eagle warriors and the technology giving them +40 hp. Siege weapons, such as onagars, can help too. Trebuchets should be used to take out enemy siege weapons before they reach your walls or can be assembled. In the event upon which your opponent attacks and in one massive sweep knocks out standing army and defenses, you should go and unplug his or her computer.

Mayan Offense

Since there is no point in just sitting around under siege, you should use the time and resources wisely. The Mayans can win the game quicker than other races by building a wonder. (Less years). I would suggest getting a wonder and then defending it with everything you have.
If you aren't the wonder type of person and you like action, get hordes of eagle warriors, fully upgraded, and stick them in rams. Keep them in the rams until your opponent comes out to stop them. It might be a god idea to have several plumed archers/regular archers along with, upgraded as much as you can to help defend the rams. Anyway, unload one or two rams of eagle warriors, and use them to take out your opponent's soldiers with archer back up fire. Ignore the outskirts of your opponent's base and use the rams to take out all of the castles/town centers/towers that they can find. This strategy usually only requires three or less waves to leave an opponent face down in your dust.

The Aztecs

The Aztecs are another init unique to The Conquereors that don't get

That's what I use, so if anyone wants a strategy posted, Feel free to e-mail me