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Welcome to the Diablo II page of my site.
I'm sorry, but this page is still under constuction


Necros are, well, necros. They deal with dead people and making hordes of the unliving and creating new, twisted forms of life.


I had just started my barb when my Diablo II CD was confiscated, so there isn't much on these dudes. My basic thoughts towards them are that they are big, beefy, and lazy, and can kill you in one hit.


Um... I have a level 6 sorc, so don't come here whining that I had bad info when you got your ass kicked.


Palies are religous people that hate zombies and deal extra damage to unded with their weapons. They speak Russian.


Amazons are the scourge of Diablo II. They run around like the little whimps they are shooting you form a distance with bows. If you are a dumb, little, scardy cat, one of these should fit your needs pefectly!!