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Red Alert


The Soviets main and most potential weapon is the tesla coil. Its not because they sit inside your base and shoot up enemies though. If You build 2 lines of concrete wall down to your oponents base,You can "Leap Frog" tesla coils into the center of their base. To destroy buildings, you click on your defesive structures, click on your tesla coil, flame tower, pill box, etc. and then click on an opponents building within range.

Allied Sh!t

Cruisers can easily take out inland bases, as well as other ships. In strategy guides, the rule book, and all of that other crap newbies always get, it says that they can't take out subs. They can. Just force fire at the subs position.

Apache Longbows:
If you plan to use the allies only air unit with any effectiveness, you need to have large swarms of them. 10-15 a good, more are better. Don't bother buying them individually-just buy multiple chopper pads (1 per chopper). Send the entire swarm at a single target (Constructin Yard, War R

Use 2-3 of these with defense-they die to easy and are too expensive for offense. Work well with squads of 2 mini gunners and 2 rocket men (and the medic)

The cream of your infintry, hasn't even learned how to shoot at planes. If you wanna use em, spread em out. if you see tanks, have em run around in circles before they die. It provides entertainment.

Rocket People:
Get these. They shoot air, have a decent punch against tanks, and shoot over walls. Build groups of 'em and put em behind concrete walls with a couple medics and mini gunners. It works well and tanks can't get through.

usefull if your opponents base is by water. use em to land 5 APCCs with 5 rocket guys in em. Your opponent will send in troops, but you can probably take a few power plants out with you. If you are doing well, put am MCV in one, hide it in the corner of the map where no one will find it if you die.

light tanks:
These solid pieces of machinery whoop ass against everyother ground troop. Best used in large groups, 6-8 war factories have these coming out like there ain't no tomorrow. They can run trrops over, concentrate fire on a buliding/tank, and are great for hit and run tactics. Get atleast 14 of these together, waltz into your opponents base, blow up a couple buildings, and retreat back to yours. These are a must.

Medium Tanks:
These tanks are really only for anti-light tank defense. They go way to ssllooww for allied needs. If you really want to use 'em well, stick 'em in front of light tanks or infantry to act as a wall. They fire way to slow.

Usefull against infantry, doesn't hurt to have 4 or five around. Just remember they don't have enough hit points. If you put 'em behind two layers of concrete walls you can probably get your moneys worth outta these.

Take a bus. Stick a machine gun on top. Apply armored coating. That should be the equivelent of an APC. Put 5 troops in (preferably a medic, 2 rocket men, 2 mini gunners) Repeat a whole lot of times. Put in enemy base. Blow up alot of stuff. Do it again. And again, and again.

suck. Any thing else?

Look to jeeps

These are a little expensive for their weaponary, but it helps to defend cruisers from air units. I'd suggest 2 destroyers per. cruiser if your opponent is using alot of air power.

Useful Very, actually. Might want to keep him away from dogs. He can go into a building and you see what unit your opponent is building. Your opponent thinks he is one of his guys.

A MUST. These can repair CY's very quickly. Use 'em alot. If an enamy building's in the red, you can take it over.

These are use ful against ground troops. U can also use 'em to destroy bridges an opponent is crossing. If you want, you can put one in an enemy base while he/she is attacking you and blow it up without him noticing

These little guys live up to thier name-get 1 to an enemy ore silo/refinery and you "steal" half of the credits in that building.