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Matt Brockman
Period 8
October 3, 2000

But What Of Chcuk?

In The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford defeated the Cossack General Zaroff. What the reader doesn’t know is what happened to Rainsford between the part where Rainsford fell asleep, and when Rainsford woke up liking his bed. The author even went so far as to take out the part with Chcuk in it, one of the stories most vital characters. This essay is only a portion of what the author should have included. With a heave, Rainsford threw Zaroffs body to the dogs. He noticed, with a little sigh of sadness, that the late Zaroffs arm was wedged in the wall. To bad, that a little of him still remains. I'll have to clean that up soon. With a yawn, Rainsford fell upon the bed and was asleep within minutes. A dark figure swept across the sand, through the jungle, and finally upon the threshold of a dimly lit mansion. So, Zaroff iz dead, it thought, it iz lucky tzat a portion of Zaroff remains, zo I cain bybass hees new ultra-high tech Acme zecurity lock. With that thought in it’s head, it waved the fingers into the thumb print reader. The large iron doors slowly creaked open. The figure let out out a malicious laugh and headed inside. It was a bright and sunny morning. "Strange," muttered Bob Rainsford," that I went through this entire house and couldn't find any of that lunatic Zaroffs prisoners. I wonder where they could be?” Looking under a couch, Rainsford jerked back, angerly throwing Zaroffs de-attached arm across the room. "I though I'd fed all of you to the dogs" he yelled. Looking under the couch once more, Rainsford was astonished to find small trap door resting on rusted hinges. With a grunt, Rainsford yanked it open, to reveal a small, round chamber. As he started to jump down, he heard a loud voice. "WATCH OUT!" Yelled a young man, huddled pitifully in a round ball in the far corner. Rainsford started to turn around, but before he could make it, a pair of dank, sweaty, hands pushed him down, into the darkness. Rainsford slowly came to, he could make out the dim shapes of people moving around him. Rainsford tried to move his hands, but to his dissapointment, but not to his surprise, they were tightly bound together behind his back. A few seconds later, a man came in a door somewhere to his right. "Glad to see you're awake", the man said, "My servent hit you a little harder than he needed to." With that, the man took a little syringe from his pocket and stuck it in Rainsfords arm. The last thing Rainsford saw before loosing conciousness again was the man laughing, as if posessed by a demon. Rainsford awoke to find himself in a clean, unfurnished room. The man who had talked to him before, stood looming over him. Looking closer, Rainsford realized the man closely resembled Ivan, from his tall, seven foot frame, to his pinched eybrows and large stomach. "Let me introduce myzelf," the man said, "I am Chcuk, ze late Ivans brother. You came to dees Island vile I vas avay, and killed my associate Zaroff, and vor zat I have much cause to hate you.” “Zaroff? Zaroff was an Idiot!” Rainsford retorted, “He couldn’t even shoot down a lone unarmed man!” “Zaroff may have been a vool, to toy vith his prey. I, however, am not." Chcuk's body tensed, and now let us see who is the can master ze other." Chcuk paused, "DGEN!" A small, portly man Rainsford had seen before came up and put a knife in his hands. Chcuk drew his own. "You could best my brother vin ambush, but I am your death in vair combat!" As they circled each other, Rainsford This story is the end of Rainsford, Zaroff, and that ever-important Chcuk. One would think that even though the author never heard of Chcuk, the great Russian man, he would have included him. Were this page in the book, one would have to agree its sales would have increased dramaticaly.