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How Do I Get To My E-mail? The most frequently asked question is also the shortest. A firewall has many faults, but among these, the most damaging of which is the one which does not let one get to ones e-mail. In order to get to your e-mail, you must instead use an alternate URL. This may be hard, depending on the quality of the offensive firewall. In order to get through the firewall (without breaking it, because that is illegal) most people use a search engine or cgi applet, which causes the URL of the site you wish to access go after that of the site you are accessing. Another common alternate URL is to change the ".com" at the end to something else, such as ".ca".

What is the main point in a firewall?

"The Internet, like any other society, is plagued with the kind of jerks who enjoy the electronic equivalent of writing on other people's walls with spray paint, tearing their mailboxes off, or just sitting in the street blowing their car horns and eating pizza. Some people try to get real work done over the Internet, and others have sensitive or proprietary data they must protect. Usually, a firewall's purpose is to keep the jerks out of your network while still letting you get your job done (Internet). "

Fire walls have three main purposes; The first of which being to keep people from having fun. Having fun is considered by many to be immoral and un ethical, leading to the steady decline of nationalism in america. They also support the standards of communism and those of a dictatorship.

The second purpose of a firewall is to keep business employees on task and in-line. Most types of businesses have computing security policies that must be obeyed. Sometimes, companies have strict policies regarding internet usage, so there must be a way to keep itís employees on task. The hardest part of making your company on-line, if you're a large company, is convincing management that internet use would be constructive instead of de-constructive. A firewall provides not only real helps the management get a sence that they are in charge, so the lowely employee still can't be free. Lastly, "a firewall can act as your corporate ``ambassador'' to the Internet. Many corporations use their firewall systems as a place to store public information about corporate products and services, files to download, bug-fixes, and so forth. Several of these systems have become important parts of the Internet service structure and have reflected well on their organizational sponsors (Internet)."

how do i attain a firewall?