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Isaac Asimov

A.Born: Petrovichi, USSR, January 2, 1992
B.parents: father was Judah Asomv, mother was Anna Rachel Berman
C. Siblings
_____1. Brother: Stanly (born 1928)
_____2. Sister: Maria (1922)
D.Places of habitation (in USA)
_____1. 1923-425 Van Siclen Avenue
_____2. 1925-434 Miller Avenue
_____3. 1928-651 Essex Street
_____4. 1933-1312 Decatour Street
_____5. 1936-House Across from Candy store (174 Windslore Place)
III. Early Beginnings
_____1. New York City College
_____2. Seth Low Jr. College on scholarship(an extension of columbia)
_____3. Columbia University in Boston(Seth closed after first year)
_____4. Earned MA in 1941
_____5. Earned Ph. D. in 1948
Pre-writing Jobs
_____1. 1929-1942 Parents Cady Store
_____2. 1949-1958 profesor in biochemistry at Boston University (AH! no spell check)
A. Worked at New York naval base
B. Worked in Hawaii
V. Major Works
A. 3 laws of Robots
B. Foundation Series
C. Nightfall