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Matt Brockman
Period 8

PlainsWomen -
by William Forrest

Nora, from the East Coast, is torn between staying in the tough western plains with her husband Rolf, or returning back east to the pampering/easy life she was usede to. Pleny comes in at the bagining. He has mortification and his finger is in a state of decay. Later, she remembers how a seventeen year old had broken his leg and had to ride over a course of 10+ days alone to a Dr. In the end, She ends up cutting off plenys finger for him so the mortification wont spread. REMEMBER: She was mad that cattle were seen as "super important"
Other things-
-On train (flashback) a women has a baby-mad about how Rolf is upset that he'll be late for cattle drive
-In New England Rolf was gentle, But when train stopped to eat, he got wild
-Nora was pregnant at end
-Woman on train had pants/gun - made her upset.

The Necklace
by:Guy de Maupassant

The setting is france in the secound half of the nineteenth century. It deeals with the tale of a young women who marries a guy(both of whom are poor) Her name is Madame Moiselle Mathilde Loisel. The husband, a clerk, gets an invitaation to an important ball. She is sad that she doesn't have a good dress. They buy her one for 400 francs. Then she borrows a diamond necklace(which turn out to be fake) which she apparently loses in the carriage home after staying for four hours. At the ball, people liked her, her husband, mr Loisel, fell asleep at midnight w/ 3 other men off to the side(boredom). They left at 4:00 AM She rushed out of the ball because she was embaresed about being poor and not having furs like the other women
They get three days to pay the necklace guy for a lookalike, they scrounge up 3600 marcs, then spend the next ten years paying for it. She meats mme Forestier, the woman whose necklace it was, and it turns out the original was a fake worth 500 francs. Main women=Mathilde Loisel, Friend=MME Forestier

third person omniscant

brocks report on
By:Richard Connell

Rainsworth, a hunter from New York, wass on a yaht with a fellow hunter Whitney in the Mediterranean heading down to the amazon to hunt jaguars. He falls off near an Island that most sailors stay away from-he swims to shore. He fell off because he dropped his pipe and lunged after it. He also had heard gunshots from the right so he swam that way, thinking there had to be land. He found shore and evidence of a hunterr killing a large animal with a .22. Goes and finds a mansion. A guy answers door w/ pistol. A guy by the name of General Zaroff. He was a Cossack who had left Russia after the revolution. Ivan, who had answered the door, is deaf and dumb. Zaroff rekognized his name(rainsfords) from a book on hunting snow leapords in tibet rainsford had written. He shows him in, big show room, tells him about hunting humans. Offers to show rainsford his human heads. R-Ford declines. Doesn't like idea of killing humans. General Zaroff shows him how he has electricity and makes it look like there is a channel where there isn't so ships hit the rocks and he can capture their crews and hunt them. He has a couple spainyards right now. He gives 'em 3 days to not get caught by him- if they survive, they go home. If they refuse to play, Ivan gets 'em. Since rainsford refuses to hunt with him , Zaroff tells him he's gonna hunt him. Rainsford goes and runs. Rainsford runs in circles and hides in a tree. The general follows, and pretends not to see him there, as to prolong the hunt. Oh, Rainsford got a knife and food too. He made a Malay man catcher, so when the general tripped it, a tree fell on him. the general dodged and only bruised his shoulder. Then he made a burmeese tiger pit, which had stakes on the bottem. The generals best dog fell in. Then he made a trap the last day with a knife on the end of a saproling that would spring forwards. This was called a uganda tribal trick. It got Ivan. He ran to the H2O. The general thought he commited suicide so he wouldn't get the pleasure of the hunt. Rainsford swam back to Zaroffs castle, hid in the bed for a while. That night, when the general came up, he confronted him. They fought, he fed the general to the dogs, and slept in the bed.

-General (at end) said "One of us will furnish a repast for the hounds, The other will get this fine bed."

-Rainsford was dynamic, against killing people at begining, pro at the end.

3rd person limited omniscant


Brocks Where have you gone chaming Billy

By:Tim O'Brian

Where have you gane charming billy takes place in vietnam during the vietnam war. It is about how private Paul Berlin. It's his first day in the war. He is sent to replace billy, who died of a heart attack after his leg was blown off. Billys dead body had been on a chopper eading out when it made a sharp turn. His body fell off into a rice pady. Pauls platoon is heading to the sea for a break. The leader thought he was asleep because his eyes were closed and he was daydreaming. He says he would have shot him if he was sleeping. They pass a graveyard that paul thought would make good earth works, but they move on. Toby, the platoon leader, gives paul a piece of gum to chew on. Paul thinks of the letter billys parents will recieve, and imagines how it'll say how billy had "valiently died of heart attack" and so forth. He starts to giggle and toby tries to smother him.
-flashbacks of camping w/ dad
-counts steps to keep from thinking

Brockmans Marigolds

By:Euginia Collier

Marigolds was told in a first person format. It was about a girl, who is tellingthe story but is now an old lady, who lived back during the depression.
Now, I'll get back to what happened. She remembered dust from her child hood with a
little splash of yellow-Ms. Lotties marigolds. She remembers how when she was in her adolecence and her, lizabeth took her little bro,Joey, and friends went over to old ms. lotties place. They threw rocks at ms. lotties(ml) prized marigolds. Then liz. ran up and called her a witch and all the other little kids followed and swarmed around her. John Burke, mls son, had to get out of his chair and come yell at em. They all ran away. That night, Liz overheard her parents talking about how poor they were. Then, her dad started crying. In the moerning, she wanted to get out but didn't wanto go alone. She told Joey that she wanted to go on an adventure to make him come with. Then, she went to mls place. There, she ripped out the marigolds out of frusteration and her angerness of something being beutifull in an ugly place(the house was rotten, ready to fall down). Joeys yelled stop to her a few times. Then she looked up aand saw ml standing there. She saw her in a different way for the first time-not as an old witch, but as an old lady who had tried to create beuty in an ugly world. She said she was very sorry. It goes back to the present. Ml has long since died, and liz has planted marigolds too.

Two Kinds

By:Amy Tan

It is about a young chineese girl thats mom came from china after losing a mom, dad, and twin daughters. It is first person. Her name is nikon. Anyway, she starts studying when she is little, and then she doesn't really care about being a child prodigy anymore. Her mom had taken magasins from the houses she cleaned. The day she decided not to care, she coulodn't memorize a page from the bible. Then, her parents got her a piano and she had to take lessons from the deaf piano teacher down the hall.His name was Mr. Chong. She didn't like it, and found she could be lazy because he wouldn't tell if she hit a wrong note. Finally, she has to memorize a piece for a talent show. She does horribly, because she hadn't really practiced. 2 days later, she had to do piano again. She refused, and then said she wished she were dead like her moms other kids.
Then, she stopped getting straight A's, didn't get to stanford, and dropped out of college. Then, on her 30th birthday, the mom offered to give the piano to her. She refuses. Then, a while later, her mom is dead. She sends over a tuner, and gets on the piano ( at her parents appartment ) She looks at the music and that on the next page, and sees they are both part of another song.

Perfect Storm

by Sabastian Junger

Third Person Limited. The staori, a boat is in a hurricane. It sends out a distress which is relied to the freighter Golden Bond Conveyer. They contract coast guard who sends out Tamora to get 'em. Falcon jet goes and circles Satori. An H3 comes soon. Tamaroa is 5 hours away-big storm. Satori is low on fuel. Then, Leonard (Satoris captain) refuses to leave. They send out an avon raft-falls while coming off tamora Anidon, the driver, gets it out towards the Satori , but it swells and the Satori hits one of his farts air bladders. The H3 guy sends down swimmer, Dave Moore. The H20 is warm, Bylander pulls him up after he couldn't catch boat and the basket fell off and moore had to re-attach it. Then, they drop him right by the boat. Sue says "HI". Then, moore goes down and gets everyone else. They remember the coast gaurd guys, but its quick and only takes ten minutes to get all three.
Setting:october 29th, off long Island. tone-adventur-ish

The wreck of the hesperus

Henry wadsworth longfellow

22 stanzas of 4 lines each
It's a poem about a guy who takes his daughter on his boat. He gets a little to show-offey by headng into a big gale. He wraps her in his cot, and ties her to the mast. She hears bells, and he tells her its the fog bell on a rocky coast and heads out to see. Then, she hears gun shots, And he says its a ship in distress that can't live in the stormy sees. Then she sees a light, but he cant tell her what it is, cause he froze to death and the only reason he was up was because he tied himself to the helm. She started prayen. Theres a break. The next day, a fisherman sees a mast. Its got her on it, and she is dead.

O what is that sound
by: W.H. Auden
9 stanzas of 4 lines each
Its a poem. It takes place in or pre-american revolution. The 1st guy/girl is watching them come, and the second guy/girl is hiding and asking to see if they are coming for someone else. Person B is asking questions like "are they going to the docters" and "are they taking the cunning farmer?". The troops run at their house, and husband/wife flees. The troops break down the door and lock. They come in, and are angrey.

Incident in a Rose Garden
by Donald Justice

10 stanzas of 5 lines
It's a poem. The gardener comes running to the master. He tells him that death beckoned him. Then he says that since he will die soon, he wants to go see his sons and california. The master OK's this and goes out back. He sees death back there picking rose pedals. He tells death to quit trespassing. Death holds out a cage of bone and says that he didn't mean to threaten the gardener. He was just going to ask him to get the master (whom he is talking to). Then he goes "I take it you are he?"


by Edgar Allen Poe
4 stanzas, varies with lines The first is of sleigh bells, and how they are happy and joyous. It tells of how in the icy air of night they bring a joyfull touch. The second stanza is about how the wedding bells ring with happiness and joy-how they are in tune and make a song. How they chime. The third one starts to change to a sadder tone. How the alarum bells shriek out of tune and strike in the night. How they sound like the ebbing and flow of dangerr. How they swing back and forth telling their tale of terror. The fourth one is about Iron bells, and how sad, and solomn they are. Hoe They toll with a runic rythm. They are the gouls, the iron bells, they throb. They are rung by the king of the gouls.
All of the stanzas end with "of the bells, bells, bells" Bells bells bells"


By: Poe Stanzas:18 Lines Each:6
First stanza he is sleeping and is awoken by a knocking on his bedroom door. Dismisses it as nothing. In the secound stanza, he remembers about his lost lenore. In the thirs stanza, he gets a little courage and goes and says sorry for not answering the door. In the fourth stanza, he opens the door-but no one is there. In the fith stanza, he stands at the door, whispers lenore and hears the echo. In the sixth stanza, he checked the window. In the seventh, he opens the window. A raen walks in and perches on a bust of pallas above his door. In the eigth, he asks who the bird is on the plutonian shore (pluto as in god of the underworld). It replies "nevermore". He wonders how the bird spoke in the ninth. The bird is only saying "nevermore only" in the tenth. In the eleventh, he wants the raven to say more words to break his grief. In the twelfth, he ponders the meaning of the raven. In the 13th, he divins its meaning. In the 14th, he begs the bird to help him forget. In the 15th, he wants a cuure for his sufferings-Balm in Gilead. 16th, he wonders if he'll see lenore in heaven. 17th, he tells the bird to go back to the underworld. 18th, the raven stays and won't leave.

The Gift of The Magi
by O. Henry

Della is married to James Dillingham, age 22. They are very poor but they have two things-Della's long hair and Jim's watch. It is Christmas, and they want to be able to get each other some gifts
They are making $20 a week, and the apartment is costing $8 a week. Anyway, she has her long hair and Jim has a pocket watch that he is proud of.
In order to get money, Della goes to Mme. Sofronie. hair goods of all kinds, and sells her hair for $20. Then she goes shopping for something. After two hours, whe finds a platinum chain for Jim's watch, which she buys him. She goes home and curls the remainder of her hair.
When Jim comes home, he is shocked. Not mad, just stunned. Then he gives her his gift (it is christmas eve) It is a package of Hair Combs. She says her hair will grow back. Then, she gives him the watch chain, but Jim had sold the watch to buy the combs.

They are un wisest by sacrificing for eachother the greatrest treasures in the house, but they are wisest because they got gifts that could and would notr be duplicated.

The Cop and the Anthem
by O. Henry

The main character is Soapy, and like the gift of the Magi, it is third prson.
Soapy is a homeless man in New York City. He can tell winter is coming, as the newspaper can't keep out the cold. He wants to get arrested so he can spend three months on Blackwells Island.
First, he tries to go into a fancy resturant and not pay the bill. The waiter sees his shabby clothes and turns him out the door.
Next, Soapy breaks a window and stands there waiting to get arrested. The cops don't believe it was him because he wasn't running.
On Soapy's third try, he goes into a modest resturant and orders a whole bunch of food. Instead of getting a cop, the bouncer throws him out.
In a last ditch effort to get arrested, Soapy acts as a masher and goes up to a girl. There is a cop nearby. She waits for the cop to go away and she acts like she wants to do him too.
Soapy, mad that he can't get arrested, starts acting drunk. He hears a nearbye policeman say "It's one of those Yale boys. Celebrating, we're supposed to ignore 'em."

Soapy walks down the street and comes to a church. He hears a organ, anides he can do something with his life. Maybe get a job driving stuff. Just then, a cop grabs his arm and he is sent to Blackwells Island for 3 months.

The Ransom of Red Chief
By O. Henry

The story takes place in the town of Summit, Alabama. Bill and Sam had a total of six hundred dollars, and they needed two-thousand more to pull off a real estate scam in Illinois, so the decide to kidnap Ebanezer Dorsettes kid, called Johney. He throws a rock and puts up a fight, but the two manage to get him to a cave in the woods. Sam goes back to town to drop off the buggy. When he gets back, Johney is "Red Chief." Bill had been plastering up his scratches from his fights with Johney, (RC) RC had said he was gonna scalp Bill at daybreak calling him Hank the Traper. Then RC calls sam "Snake Eyes the spy" and says he his to be broiled at the stake when his warriers retrned. The next morning, RC tries to scalp bill bt Sam stops him. then, RC put a red hot broiled potato down Bill's back and smashed it, Bill boxed his ears and sam had to take away the rock RC was gonna hit Bill with. RC goes outside after breakfist and starts shooting them with rocks from a sling.
While Sam goes to drop the Ransom not, RC plays Black Scout with bill. RC rides bill like a horse. After Sam comes back, Bill comes wheezing in and says he has gotten rid of the kid, but the RC followed him back. Then, the reply note says the have to pay Johneys dad $250 to take back RC, which they pay.

The Clarion Call<
By O. Henry

The main character is Johney Kernan, he had shot Old Man Norcross when robbing him. He runs into a detective by the name of Barney Woods. He knew him from before and Woods owed him $1000 for helping him when he was in debt, so Woods can't arrest Kernan untill he has paid him back. They talk. Kernan says how lousey the crook catching papers are and calls one. They put a $1000 dollar reward for his capture 'cause of his phone call (the morning mars). Then, Woods and Buffalo Bill drew and had a duel. Jackson won. Woods then said he'd give kernan the $1000 reward and turn him in so he wouldn't still be in debt.

The Last Leaf
By O. Henry

It was a long time ago, maybe the early 1900s. In the town of New York, New York, there was a section called Greenwich Village. It had wierd streets, called places, that wove around and instersected themselves. Now, here there lived two woman-Sue and Johnsy. They were painters, along with old man Behrman who lived below them. Johnsy had pnemonia. She persisted that she would die when the last leaf fell off of the vine across the street. The docter said she was recovering. There was a big storm, and the next morning one leaf was still there. Johnsy thought she had sinned by wanting to die, so she started eating. That day, Old man Behrman got pnemonia. He wasn't expected to live. He died in the hospital two days later. They wondered how he had got pnemonia, and they went out side. They found a lader and a palet for painting. Then they realized that the one remaining leaf was a drawing on the wall, it looked real though. It was the one good drawing behrman had ever done.

And to all of the enemies of the united states:

Retrieved Reformation
by O. Henry

Alrighty. Let's try this. A little while ago, there was a bank robber by the name of Jimmy Valentine. His drills were worth a good $1000. Well, he gets himself outta jail on good behavior and a pardon from the governer guy. Then, he goes and cracks a couple more. He then strolls int Elmore where he sees a young lady by the name of Anabel Adams to whom he becomes engaged. Then, he opens a shoe store and sends a letter to his friend saying the friend can have his tools 'cause he's quitting the trade. You bet'cha there. Dunno why I put that there sentance. Soon after, Ben Price, a detective after Valentine, strolls intoo town. Annabel and Valentine (now Ralph) are getting married. Did I mention she was the bankers daughter? She is. Anyway, May locks agatha in a brand new safe 'cause that's what little kids do in their spare time. Valentine has to drill them out because he was going to give his tools away but he still had them because he was going to give them away that night. Any how, with his cover blown and breaking his old record by cracking the safe in ten minutes, he walks out of the bank. Ben Price is there but he lets Jimmy off because Jimmy had saved agatha's life and all.

Tom Sawyer (4 prts)
By Mark Twain

1; Tom Plays, Fights, and Hides
Tom is a young boy in a town on the mississippi river. He is mishievious and is watched over by his caring aunt. It begins out by how he skipped school, but didn't go swimming because of the thread his aunt tied around his collar. Then, Aunt Polly tells him he must not have skpped school because he hadn't gone swimming in the summer heat. This reminds me, that all of the smart people dropped out of school. Anyway, there is this new kid, and Tom beats him up. The kid throws a rock at Tom afterwards and runs home.

2. Glorious White Washer
Tom has to white wash the fence. It's a real nice day and everyone is going swimming. But he sits down and starts painting. Soon, Ben Rogers comes acting like a boat. But Tom acts like white washing is fun and so Ben wants to do it. Ben pays Tom his apple to whitewash the fence. Soon other kids come and want to white wash. It has four layers when Tom goes inside. Aunt polly is happy with him when she sees that he is done.

3. Busy at War and Love
Tom is throwing dust clods at sydney, but Aunt Polly gets mad so Tom runs off. On the way back, Tom sees Becky Thatcher. He starts showing off, and she goes inside, but first she throws him a flower. Then, Tom goes home happily. Aunt Polly yells att Tom for breaking the sugar bowl, but it was sydney. Then, tom goes and lies down under beakeys window, but a maid throws a bucket of water out and tom goes home soaked.

4. Feeding painkiller to Cats
Becky is sick, so Tom gets depressed. His Aunt tries all sorts of new methods, none of which work. Finally, she gives him some "painkiller" which burns. Alot. Anyway, tom pretends he likes it, but he is really butting it down a crack in the floor. So he does this a long time. One day the cat wants some. So tom gives it some. The cat goes berserk, throwing itself around and finally out the window. Aunt polley gets mad, but then she relizes if it wasn't right to give it to a cat, it wasn't right to give it to a boy.

The cask of Amontillado
By: Poe

It is festival. Monteclasso is a rich man, and Fortunado, the other main character is a wine taster. Montaclasso says he has a pipe of amontillado, which is a rare sherry. Monteclassor acts like he doesn't want fortunado to come down to his vaults, but he wants to kill him because fortunado had been making fun of him, and then insulted him. The go down, and fortunado, who has a cough, says he wants to keep going. Then, he gets a bottle of whine and makes an odd guesture, which monteclasso doesn't understand. He repeats it and says monteclasso isn't of the brother hood of masonaries and asks for a sign. Monteclasso takes out a trowel and says that that is a sign. They go down to the crypt, with the bones of the ancients scattered carelessly around. They go into a small niche, where monteclasso tells the drunken fotunado that the amontillado is. But instead, monteclasso chains fortunado to the wall and starts to build a wall in front of the niche. Slowly, fortunado gains his sobarness. Then he screams. Monteclasso screams back. Monteclasso keeps building the wall. He has almost finished it, when he looks inside. There is one stone left. Monteclasso puts the torch through the opening, and drops it in. Then he puts the last stone in place and goes upstairs. He is telling this 50 years after the dead.

Romeo And Julliet

Act I, Prologue
There are two families with the same social status that live in the town of verona in Italy. For some reason, they have this fued going on for unknow reasons. But, anyway, It goes on to say two people are detined to fall in love and die. It is written in shakespearean sonnet (4,4,2)
Act I, scenc i
We meet Sampson and Gregory, telling of how lousy the montagues are. They come upon a pair of montague servant in the market place, one of whom is abraham. The capulets bite their thumbs (which is like saying your mother) Seeing tybolt, a fierce blooded capulet, the two capulet servants start a fight. Benvolio, a montague, interfears, but tybolt, seeing benvolios sword out, challages him. Thy fight. They fight some more, as the two lords come out restrainedb y their wives. The prince comes and chews all of them out for being bad, and tells them to "depart on pain of death" He has capulet and montague come with him (montague has to wait a while first though). Benvolio is then asked by lady montague if Romeo was in the fight. but he wasn't. It turns out, he is trying to get this hot capulet by the name of Rosaline.
Act I, scene ii
It begins with Capulet and Paris (a relative of the prince's) talking. Paris apparently wants Jullliets hand in marriage. He is pressuring Capulet to let him marry her. But Capulet thinks that Julliet is too young, as her siblings have all died off. She's only 13 after all. But Capulet convinces Paris that there are other girls that he wants, so he says to go to this one party and look at the pick. Capulet then sends a servant to invite a whole bunch of people. But since the servant can't read, he asks romeo, who happens to be the first person he sees, what the letter says. Romeo sees rosaline on the list, and Benvolio convinces him to crash the party with him.
Act I, scene iii
The capulet house:The Lady Capuletis trying to get julliet to want to marry Paris. She keeps on saying how great he is. The nurse, humored, starts telling funny tales of her husband and how julliet had fallen. My sister wants to get on, so I better get off.
Act I, scene iv
Act I, scene v
Act II, scene
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