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Welcome to Brocks page of blab!

Disclaimer: The information on this page may not be correct with the real world, but that is OK. People that after reading this will try to sue me are not allowed to read this. I wrote but am not reasponsible for the junk below. Wowwee! Here is a compiled list of Brockman's many tales:

Logic for why spain doesn't exist
After the Hawaiian invasion on Spain, pizza in it's many forms was transformed. It went from pineapple to pineapple with pepperoni. This caused confusion throughout the world. After the resulting turmoil, people stopped and asked eachother why they were fighting. Oe man, by the name of Fred Frombone was the only one to realize he problem, but got kidnapped by the aliens on the ail of haileys comet and is being held there with elvis. So the problem remained. A group of people finally ended the various conflicts, after realizing that spain and hawaii never really existed, so pizza was still pineapple and everyone could just shut up and go home. Here is how their resoning went: The Hawaiian's who invaded spain where Hawaiian's. The spanyard's who were invaded were Spainyards, not Hawaiians/B>. So that should make since. But we now have a paradox on our hands-the spanyards were Spanyards, as earlier said, not Hawaiians. But since Spain was now Hawaii, the Spanyards, have to be Hawaiians. Theses two condradict themselves, therefore forming the standpoint of the Pizza Paradox. Using the information from the Pizza Paradox, we can connect this to algerbra:
5)Paradox=0 by substitution
7)Hawaiian nad Spanyard are both "0", so they can't exist.