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Star Craft

As most newbies know, starecraft kicks balls. It's a real fun game. I think I've played it 1-2 times. Million, that is.


The protoss are generally an all around race. They have an awsome zealot rush, a fiarly good defence grid of photon cannon, and a late game swarm of interceptors/carriers. Their weakness? Shields. One terran science vessel could strip half of your troops life or more, especially if you have archons/dark archons.
To rush, an experianced and intelligant player with a brain should get his 7 probes. Then, he/she should get a pylon, followed by another probe. Get a gateway, a probe, a gateway, and another pylon. Scout with a probe, get more, and pump out zealots. Then, when you have 4 zealots, either find his base, or if you have, attack it. Ignore defensive stuff unless your opponent has them near his money feilds. Kill his probes. By this time, you should have built another pylon(s) and 5-7 zealots at home. Send them in for the mopping up. The one rule you should never bend/break is TROOPS ARE DISPOSABLE.



The terrans have a nice blend of zerg and protoss. Their main weakness is against ground non-firing units. They have minimal fireing range and seige tanks can hit themselves. Therefore, you must

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