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We’ve had a great year and lots of fun. Hope you did too! At the beginning of the year, we visited some of our cousins in Germany. Our luggage was miplaced which made it even more of an experience. School went quickly. Then summer began... Greg went to computer camp and learned how to use C++. “It was awesome,” he says. He went to Korean camp, and learned to speak Korean. Stephanie went to Global Youth Villages and met a whole bunch of persons from all over the world. She now speaks fluent Turkish, Yiddish, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Slavic Japanese, Greek, Yugoslavian and five thousand eight hundred other languages! Philip stayed home most of the summer but he also got to visit his grandparents in Philadelphia. Matt got taller than Stephanie, not that that is hard to do. Stephanie is approximately 4 foot eight. Matt went to Bemidji music camp. He also went to Concordia language villages for Japanese. Ron went to his MHA course in Minneapolis. Greg went with him and spent the days at "Kid's U." Ellen met a whole bunch of crazy people. Not metaphorically, literally. She also went to Boston for a meeting for depressed persons. The summer ended and school restarted. Matt did cross-country, Stephanie did swimming. Greg and Philip are still in Tae Kwon Do. Matt’s Japanese student guest came and left. Now it is Christmas, and we hope you have a great year too Seasons Greetings From the Brockman Family